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Automotive Cabin Electronics / Switches

Electrolube Conformal Coatings, Potting Compounds, Thermal management solutions and other associated product solutions for all areas of the Automotive Electronics industry.
  • Contact Lubricants
  • Switch Lubricants
  • Specialist Plastic Greases
  • Dashboard Controls
  • Audio Controls
  • Heating + seat adjustment

Going back to Electrolube’s roots, some of our very first contact lubricants were utilised by auto manufacturers to improve reliability of electrical connections. Over the years this partnership has rapidly grown with the ever increasing amount of electronics on board to encompass our full range of product categories. With many of these electronic systems controlled from the driver seat, the smooth operation of switches and buttons, as well as the operation of the systems themselves find Electrolube products behind the wheel.

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Electrolube have an extensive range of products suitable for all automotive application environments, we have collated a selection of products in a specialist brochure to aid your selection which can be viewed here:

Electrolube also have a number of articles and blogs which you may find useful in selecting the right material for your application

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Automotive Electronics

Automotive Cabin Electronics / Switches

SPG - Special Plastic Grease

Special Plastic Grease

35ml syringe - 10Kg - 20Kg

Product code: SPG35SL - SPG10K - SPG20K

Special Plastics Compatible Grease is a synthetic grease offering outstanding low temperature performance and excellent compatibility with thermoplastics, including ABS and Polycarbonate, even at elevated temperatures. Special Plastics Compatible Grease is an efficient mechanical lubricant for plastics both with themselves and with metals.

Key Properties:
  • Synthetic grease offering outstanding low temperature performance
  • Excellent compatibility with thermoplastics, including ABS and Polycarbonate
  • Effective lubrication of plastic-to-plastic and plastic-to-metal contact surfaces
  • More adhesive version available (SPGA)

Product data sheets
SPG (tds) Download

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