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HAKKO in New Zealand

HAKKO Corporation is a globally recognized leader in soldering tools, including:

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  • Soldering Station / Soldering Iron
  • SMD Soldering / Rework station
  • Solder Pot / Soldering Kits
  • Desoldering Station / Desoldering Iron
  • Fume Extractor / Smoke Absorber
  • Lead Free Soldering

Electrolube is the Official Wholesale Distributor of HAKKO Soldering Tools in New Zealand. We supply wholesale orders to all commercial HAKKO Distributors in and around New Zealand.

HAKKO have turned soldering into a science, and are well-known for their superior soldering tools. They have dominated the soldering market for over 50 years and have a worldwide distribution network. Electrolube are Hakko’s only Official Distributor in Oceania.

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HK Wentworth, are named by HAKKO as the Master Distributor in New Zealand.

Welcome to the official Distributors site for HAKKO in New Zealand. HK Wentworth and HAKKO have a longstanding relationship spanning over 20 years and we have a great wealth of product knowledge and expertise.

HAKKO Corporation manufacture an extensive range of quality electronics tools and are renowned for quality built soldering equipment, the full range of which is available from HK Wentworth.

HK Wentworth share a number of HAKKO’s company ethics, including great customer care - whether you are a new, existing, or even passing customers, we are happy to help. This is just one of the reasons we have been working with HAKKO for so many years.

Electrolube are HK Wentworth’s Electronics division and have a range of cleaning and maintenance products which sit well alongside HAKKO’s soldering tools, offering pre and post work options to prepare or finish your soldering projects.

Soldering Tools - High Performance

HAKKO FX-838 - Soldering Station - Heavy Duty

HAKKO - FX-838
Soldering Station - Heavy Duty

Product code: FX-838

HAKKO- Heavy duty, 150 watt soldering station.

High performance soldering iron for soldering applications requiring rapid thermal recovery, such as heat sinks, power supplies, shield cases and multilayer pcb's

Key Properties:
  • Sleep function- for extended tip life.
  • Energy saving automatic power shut-off function.
  • Quick and simple tip replacement
  • Select from 3 pre-set temperatures
  • Composite tip technology, tip and ceramic element combined
  • Digital display
  • Lock out key for supervisor control
  • T20 series tips, 17 different profiles
  • Temperature range 200°C ~ 500°C
  • Temperature offset function

Additional information
Box contains
  • Station and Soldering Iron handle
  • Iron holder and cleaning sponge
  • Heat resistant pad
  • Locking card

Hakko Product Sheet
HAKKO-FX-838 Download

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